Chelsea Grin Lock In Second Australian Tour For Late 2013

Making their Australian debut earlier this year for Soundwave 2013, it came as a bit of a surprise when US deathcore crew Chelsea Grin announced they would be coming back within a matter of months though given the increase in supply, there’s sure been a lot of demand.

The obvious assumption would have been that the band will return for Warped Tour, scheduled at the end of the year. One savvy tweeter was all over it, allowing rhythm guitarist Jake Harmond the chance to give the game away. But he didn’t, instead ruling the festival out by insisting the band will be in town between August and October (Warped is in November, for those playing at home).

Harmond also denied that the band would be headlining their own shows upon return, meaning they will likely be here in support of another act. Chelsea Grin’s profile has grown exponentially since dropping 2012’s Evolve. The band possess some decent pulling power Down Under as it is, suggesting this mysterious headliner (or headliners, ya dig?) must be pretty rad.

Music Feeds caught up with vocalist Alex Koehler for an interview backstage at Soundwave 2013 which you can check out here.

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