My Chemical Romance & Kasabian Have Squashed Their Beef By “Getting Pissed” On A Plane

The sun has set on My Chemical Romance‘s historic beef with Kasabian, with the bands’ ugly feud coming to a close with what can only be described as a fairytale ending.

In case you can’t remember back that far, it all started in 2006 — just before My Chem changed our lives forever by releasing their iconic The Black Parade album — when mouthy English rockers Kasabian unceremoniously slagged them as a bunch of “emo” “clowns”.

In an interview with The Sun, frontman Tom Meighan dissed MCR’s music in a major way, saying: “It’s like ventriloquists’ music. It’s weird and dark. They don’t have anything positive to say. The only good news is that it won’t last. These clowns won’t be around for much longer. Their make-up will flake off and the scene will die out. And it can’t happen soon enough.”

“These emo kids should get out more and try and have a good time instead,” his bandmate Serge Pizzorno added.

Harsh words indeed. But flash-froward ten years and apparently things are now all-good-in-the-hood between the two bands, after Meighan bumped into MCR frontman Gerard Way during an eight-hour flight.

“I’m face to face with the singer,” he tells Q Magazine in a freshly-minted interview.

“We’re looking at each other, so I said, ‘Look man, let’s have peace here!’ And he just laughed. He bought me a bottle of champagne and we got pissed. What a sweet man. He’s fucking cool!”



Meanwhile, in other exciting news, Gerard Way is getting his own Netflix series. The charismatic singer has confirmed that his iconic comic book collection The Umbrella Academy is being developed as a live action series that will premiere on the streaming giant in 2018.

“I am thrilled that The Umbrella Academy has found a home at Netflix,” Way says. “I couldn’t think of a better place for the vision Gabriel Bá and myself had when creating the comic and cannot wait for people to experience that world as a live-action show.”

Aaaaaaaaaand we are NOT OKAY.

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