My Chemical Romance Have Responded To Those Reunion Rumours

UPDATE 29/07/16: Here’s the full rundown of My Chem’s ‘Black Parade’ anniversary plans.

ORIGINAL STORY: After letting things reach fever pitch yesterday with the first signs of movement from Camp My Chemical Romance in years, the band have finally chimed in to sooth some of the chaos, and alas, fans are going to be bummed.

In no uncertain terms, MCR have taken to social media to explain there will be no reunion, and there are no plans for future touring. The recent spike in activity on their website and socials is only in anticipation of the forthcoming reissue of the their formative 2006 album The Black Parade.

Here’s what the band told fans on Twitter:

All it took was a new profile picture and a teaser video from MCR containing the date 23rd September 2016 to put the internet into a tailspin yesterday. Adding to this was the fact that it seems like an awful lot of effort for just a reissue, an effort the band didn’t seem to take for their previous reissues.

MCR might feel a little guilty about all of this hype, however the reissue of The Black Parade is expected to come with a stack of unheard and unreleased demos for fans to sink their teeth into.

But for now, The Black Parade marches on no more.

Watch: My Chemical Romance – ‘The Black Parade’

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