Cher Sells Key To Adelaide On Ebay For $92,500

Cher has auctioned off a key to the city of Adelaide that was presented to her by the Lord Mayor at the 1990 Grand Prix. The controversial ebay auction ended today with the item receiving 146 bids and being sold for US$95,900.00.

The item description on ebay read: “Obtained directly from legendary award winning supterstar Cher! A very unique item from Cher’s own personal collection!

“This engraved plaque and brass key to the city of Adelaide Australia was presented to Cher in November 1990 Includes original box Hand-written sticky note on box: “Mementos” A one-of-a-kind collectible for Cher fans! Picked up directly from her Malibu home! Good Luck! Includes Certificate of Authenticity!!”

Cher’s decision to sell the item has copped a lot of criticism from some Australians, and the person enlisted to sell the item addressed the concerns on the auction listing page:

“Hello… I am Cher’s consignor. First of all I am in shock at the way this is going… but I’m happy for the good that will come out of this sale as the money is raised for charity. But, I am saddened that many Australians are upset about this. I have had so many questions as to why this item is being sold. I have had a lot of positive comments and some negative comments. Not too long ago I sold another key for her from another city and not one negative comment. But in answer to the questions all I can say is… Cher receives many awards and gifts from all over the world. And she is always humbled and touched by these gracious gestures. At certain times she goes through her huge collection and decides to share many of these special treasures with her fans, with all the proceeds going to Cher’s Charitable Foundation. Please know that the proceeds for this auction and everything on Authentic_Cher are helping people all over the world through Cher’s charitable and humanitarian endeavors. I think the city of Adelaide should be proud of what this plaque & key are doing for those in need or suffering. Cher is incredible, kind and generous and in no way meant to slight the people of Adelaide. Thank you for your understanding. Sincerest regards, Linda.”

However, according to channelnewsasia, Cher was unaware the key was being sold and is “upset and trying to get to the bottom of it.”

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