FANGZ... or chickens... we're not 100% sure | Credit: Supplied

Chickens Rule The Earth In Clucking Wild New Music Video From Sydney’s FANGZ

Sydney/Gadigal-based punk philosophers FANGZ have answered the age-old question of “what came first: the chicken or the egg?” After notoriously cracking the Guinness World Record for most hard-boiled eggs eaten in one sitting, the four-piece have now turned their attention to chickens, in a hellish new music video for their latest anthem ‘Wasting Time’.

Feathers fly in the official visuals for the track, which unfolds a terrifying vision of the future, imagined as a post-apocalyptic nightmare-scape where unholy chicken-people have seized ultimate control.

FANGZ – ‘Wasting Time’

“Inspired by the line ‘the world is a vampire’, but chickens. The world is chickens,” FANGZ explain in a press statement. “The story is essentially a wild night out where everyone in the world is a chicken. Not much thinking went into it. We just wanted to tip our hats to all the weird Rage clips we grew up watching from The Prodigy to Aphex Twin with a little more fun and a FANGZ flavour.”

You can get your eyeballs on the clucked-up music video up above, or catch the band playing live in Sydney and the Cenny Coast this July (suss those dates below).

Dates And Venues

  • Wednesday, 21st July – Mumbo Jumbo’s, Darkingjung/Terrigal, NSW
  • Friday, 26th July – The Lansdowne, Gadigal/Sydney, NSW

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