Chief Keef Threatens To “Smack The Shit” Out Of Katy Perry

It clearly doesn’t take much to set Chief Keef off. Upon hearing Keef’s single Hate Bein’ Sober, pop sensation Kay Perry tweeted a brief, unflattering assessment of the track and, once the rapper found out, things got inappropriate real quick.

In his initial rebuttal, Keef insists “dat bitch” Katy Perry could “suck off of my dick”. Literally seconds later, a further argument was posted and was a true testament to how tough Keef is. “I’ll smack the shit out of her”, he says, because it takes guts to threaten a female over the Internet.

Keef’s threats of harm didn’t stop there though – soon after his tough-as Twittersplosion, he promised his devout followers that he would soon release a “new song Katy Perry” some time soon. We can only imagine that ol’ Chiefy’s Katy Perry song will be in many ways less tolerable than a Katy Perry Katy Perry song.

Keef’s remarks were in especially bad taste given that a known associate of Keef, Lil Reese, was seen beating his girlfriend in a leaked video that went viral. As far as bad weeks go, Keef is having an absolute doozy. Earlier he was arrested for disorderly conduct and possession, and his latest single Macaroni Time has proven to be thoroughly underwhelming.

But, hey, at least he knows his fans still care, a la the below photo that popped up on his Instagram.

UPDATE: It seems Perry and Keef has kissed and made up with both tweeting their apologises not too long after things got heated. You can check out the lovey dovey tweets below and yeah…Nothing to see here folks, nothing to see here. Although this will probably make for a funny verse in his Katy Perry track.

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