Childish Gambino And Chance The Rapper Have Spent Time In The Studio “Working Together”

Childish Gambino AKA. Donald Glover is a very busy man. He’s playing Lando Calrissian in an up-coming Star Wars film, playing Simba in a reboot of The Lion King and working on another season of Atlanta but apparently he’s also chipping away at music with Chance The Rapper.

Earlier this year, the pair teased a collaboration when they both played Sydney’s Field Day but now it seems they’ve been in a studio together.

“We definitely met up,” Glover said in an interview with LA station Real 92.3.

“We actually sat down in the studio and were talking for a little bit. I mean we’re both busy but when he has like a moment we’ve just been sitting down and just working together. I think it’s about catching a vibe.”

He joked that he’s probably never going to hear from Chance again now that he’s a three-time Grammy winner but Glover is still very keen.

“I just wanna hang out with him. I don’t work with people over email anymore,” he further said.

“I think it just doesn’t make for good work. We just have to find a time to sit down together.”

Here’s hoping that they find the time but Chance is on a seemingly never-ending world tour and Glover has countless films in the pipeline. The pair have already collaborated before on 2014’s ‘The Worst Guys’ but it would be nice to have some more heat.

Hear the interview below and jump to around the 15 minute mark to hear Glover talk Chance.

Watch: Childish Gambino On Real 92.3

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