Childish Gambino Debuts ‘Shadows’ On Arsenio Hall Show

Resident polymath Donald Glover, who raps under the moniker Childish Gambino, recently debuted a song off his upcoming album Because The Internet, titled Shadows, on the couch of the rebooted Arsenio Hall Show, after an interview with the eponymous host.

Earlier this month, the Community star starting unveiling details about the album, including “leaking” tracks Melrose, 3005 and Yaphet Kotto (Freestyle), as well as revealing the cover art, tracklist and feature spots for the album, which include Azealia Banks and Chance The Rapper.

Sitting on Arsenio Hall’s couch and accompanied by a bass-player and a backing track, Glover began the R&B-style jam rather casually before heading over to the join a waiting band in the studio’s performance space, with the track taking on a much harder though soulful edge.

During the interview, Glover discussed his fears and hopes for his future, the impetus behind his rap career, the happenings on his Instagram account, and more. Earlier this month, rapper Tyler, The Creator of Odd Future gave a similarly illuminative interview on the show.

Watch: Childish Gambino Performs Shadows From Arsenio’s Couch

Watch: Childish Gambino Discusses His Fears And Hopes For The Future

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