Chocolate Jesus Set To Bring Hip Hop Back To The Cross

Bringing in a host of local ‘gangsta-shit’ enthusiasts as well as a selection of live acts, Chocolate Jesus promises to deliver the most old-school underground hip hop shit the likes of Sydney’s Kings Cross has ever seen. Oh well other than all that gangsta-shit that went down with John Ibrahim and his cronies.

Featuring live performances by demented dancehall troupe Sick Python, sci-fi hip hop crew Old Men Of Moss Mountain, beat masters Disco Club and the bass heavy styling of one man music machine Ghost, as well as a huge line-up of DJs including Sam Z from The Loose Change Crew, Jontdizzle FoShizzle, Big Daddy Mo, Balls Deep, SurpriseAnal, il foe and many more, this will be a hip hop night unlike any other, if only due to strange tastes and senses of humour involved.

Sept 19th @ Iguana Bar

With $5 Entry and $5 Drinks before midnight, if you’re a fan of hip hop, of anything from Biggie to Madlib, Tribe to Ludacris, make sure you get on down.

There are more details here!/event.php?eid=150978944923595&ref=ts


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