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Chris Martin Reckons Rihanna Is The Frank Sinatra Of This Generation

Chris Martin headlined Glastonbury last night as the frontman of Coldplay but even though last week was all about him he still had time to offer up some compliments about other musicians.

In an interview with The Guardian, Martin targeted his compliments at Rihanna calling her the “Frank Sinatra of our generation.”

Rihanna collaborated with Coldplay on their 2011 track Princess Of China off the Mylo Xyloto record and while they haven’t collaborated since it seems like Martin would be up for another collab.

“Rihanna has this thick tone, so it’s very hard to annoy anybody,” he said.

“It’s like a beautifully squeezed tube of toothpaste. When you think of Rihanna’s voice, you think of this whole, rich thing, solid like a tree trunk.”

So basically, Rihanna is like Frank Sinatra but she’s also like a tree trunk which is a very interesting compliment. Still, the compliments didn’t stop there as he couldn’t stop raving about the singer who released her eighth album ANTI this year.

“Rihanna’s voice is just delicious for your ear. Sinatra had the same thing; anything he sang sounded pleasing to most people.”

Coldplay covered Sinatra during their Glastonbury headline set but unfortunately not with Rihanna on vocals. Instead they recruited Glasto head Michael Eavis for a stirring rendition of My Way.

Watch: Coldplay & Rihanna – Princess Of China

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