Chumbawamba Force Clive Palmer To Take Down A Video That Used ‘Tubthumping’

British band Chumbawamba have written to controversial politician Clive Palmer demanding that he take down a video he posted that used the band’s hit song ‘Tubthumping.’

As reported by The Guardian, Palmer uploaded a video to Twitter that showed him and a bunch of other blokes singing the lyrics to the iconic track.

Chumbawamba have demanded the video be taken down in a pretty gnarly statement, calling Palmer a “Donald Trump-lite egomaniac”.

The statement went on to criticise “redundant views on climate change, immigration and abortion.”

“‘Tubthumping’ is a song written to champion the resilience of working people, not to further a billionaire’s political ambitions.”

The statement even went on to say that the video was “badly sung” with a “bunch of embarrassed ‘workers’ who clearly don’t know the words.”

Palmer and the United Party have yet to publish a response, or take the video down from Twitter.

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