Come Together 2012 – Live Updates

The greatest Aussie hip hop stars, including Koolism, Thundamentals, Seth Sentry, Hermitude, Horrorshow, and of course 360 (not to mention a WHOLE lot more) have gathered for this year’s Come Together Festival. Taking place at Sydney’s Luna Park, the all hip hop shindig will be kicking all afternoon, and into the night. You can be sure Come Together is going to be a massive event.

Didn’t manage to score a ticket to the sell-out gig? No dramas, Music Feeds will be braving the chaos to supply you with updates as they happen: photo’s of the day, interviews with the performers conducted by hip hop mastermind Rowan Dix, and reviews of the sets – everything you can want will be right here. Stay tuned for all the madness as it unfolds. First up: Bam Bam.

Full Gallery: 360

A HUGE set from the man of the hour 360! He played all he classics but what made the show was his amazing stage presence. Between him and Bam Bam, who worked the backing vocals / harmony, not a single squared inch of the stage remained uncharted. Read the full review here.

Full Gallery: Horrorshow

22:11pm Sydney’s Horrorshow have only just walked off stage and fans are still buzzing. All Summer Long was a personal favourite from a setlist that seemed to get stronger an stronger. Joining them on stage for a duet was Jane Tyrrell for the track My Haze, adding a very nice touch to the set. Front Man Solo kept the crowds attention for the whole performance and not for a second did it get dull. It meandered from hard an fast to slow and chill. Thoughtcrime (Doin My Think) was totally awesome and crowd favourite would have to do to The Show. The atmosphere is buzzing and the good vibes keep on rollin.

Full Gallery: Hermitude


Elefant Traks Champs Hermitude just wrapped an absolute killer of a set. The electronic based duo pieced their set together with tracks from all over their catalog. Everything from 2008s Threads and the more recent HyperParadise, released earlier this year were met ear piecing screams for the crowd. The lads broke things up a bit by donning their strapped synth and drum pads, stepping out from behind their decks to make some live electro goodness. Very nice touch bringing the performance that much closer to the fans.

Full Gallery: Seth Sentry

20:11pm Seth Sentry. Easily the greatest set so far. The dude never stopped, running from side to side of the stage, jumping on speakers, joking with the crowd – a true showman. smashing out tunes such as Train Catcher – the ultimate fuck you song to the ex-boyfriend/girlfriend and Room For Rent, the ultimate tribute to share houses. DJ Benny stole the show with some of the most insane live mixing/scratching i’ve ever witnessed, the dude is a magician first dropping some hectic dubstep before mixing in Linkin Parks ‘One Step Closer’, an anthem for the 90’s kids here today. I can’t imagine how sweet his solo mix would have seemed to all those on party favours. That was followed by Seth Sentry freestyling which was fucking dope, rapping about everything he saw over a beat with so much bass i could feel my rib cage shaking. Towards the end of the set, Sentry was joined by Grey Ghost before belting out a huge crowd favourite The Waitress Song. Highlight of the night so far and by the looks on some of the punters faces, many agree with me.

Full Gallery: Koolism

19:11pm Unfortuantly for Koolism, the Canberrians who have been charging since 1992, they set clashed directly with what would normally be dinner time for the all ages crowd. While it was difficult walking through the courtyard of The Big Top, the stage area seemed a little empty. Which was a massive shame Koolism brought some serious experience to the stage and absolutely blasted out the beats. There was a brief cameo from Koolism’s baby but after that it was business as usual. The DJ spent some time fiddling with wires in what appeared to be a technical issue. The set was simple, note for note and totally rad, shame all the youngsters were too busy eating their Dagwood Dogs to notice!

Full Gallery: Thundamentals

18:40pm Thundamentals brought with them a super chiller set, broken up every now and then with some of the hardest dubstep you will ever hear. – awesome Aussie grime style beats. Some seriously talented dudes, super tight flow and awesome clean vocals. Joined on stage for a few tunes with a three part brass section which was classy and brought some variety to the stage. Playing tuned off the loved up 2011 album Foreverlution the crowd was eating it up. Paint The Town Red was straight up gangsta. The lads even used their music to stop a fight – playing bromance anthem How Ya Been and dedicating it to a green hatted man causing troubles. Thanking the crowd profusely as they clocked off, Thundamentals destroyed that set.

Full Gallery: Skryptcha

18:00pm Before the crowd had time to run for a ciggie, Sydney’s own Skryptcha kept the energy pumping. Blasting the latest single off his up and coming album Mindful. The presence of live guitar created a super groovey vibe, setting Skryptcha’s set apart from the previous ones. Big Time went down great but Take Off was a smash hit amongst the fans who stood mesmerized at just how pumped up Skryptcha was, soaking up every bit of the gig, this may have been the biggest crowd they’ve performed in front of – there was hardly room to move! That didn’t stop punters from jumping as high as they could, often in time with the music! To sign off, they were joined on stage by Rachael Bird who featured on the track Get Mine.

Full Gallery: Purpose

17:20pm After a rushed changed over, Purpose came out hard and strong. By now the line through the front gates had mildly subsided and the crowd was starting to swell. The lads from Purpose were loving it and knew just how to work the crowd who were exepecting big things and Purpose delivered. Crowd favourite was easily We Will Be Heard off their EP. The shortened set times unfortunately plagued the show causing them to skip through some bets to get to the finale. And what a finale it was! Joined on stage by Spit Syndicates Just Enuf, our very own Rowan (who you can catch chatting to the artists on MFTV) Melbourne’s favourite Illy.

Full Gallery: Bam Bam

16:45pm After a delayed start due to our arch nemesis technical difficulties, Melbourne’s Bam Bam kicked off the festival with a massive set despite about 75% of ticket holders is stuck in the line out front. Smashing out some covers, the crowd was simply going wild. The energy kept up even when Bam began playing some never before heard tracks from his up and coming album including the track Anthem. The kids didn’t know the words but didn’t let that get in the way of getting their mosh on. finishing up the abbreviated, Bam Bam got his Dubstep on with Straight Outta Bedrock off his Mixtape of the same name, as the ‘wob wob’ dropped the crowd went nuts, these kids love their Hip Hop!

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