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Concertgoer Kicked In The Face At Punk Show Calls Out The Dude Who Hit Her

A woman who was kicked in the face at a concert in the US, leaving her in ICU for six days, has called the person who kicked her “something else”.

22 year-old Emily Jane Hoffman was at a Code Orange show in Salt Lake City when she was kicked in the face by someone with steel toe boots.

He fled the scene and left her with the right side of her jaw no longer connected to any bone or muscle in her face. She was rushed to hospital where she has been ever since with four metal plates inserted in her face.

Hoffman took to Facebook to explain an extremely traumatic week and also direct some words at her attacker who is still yet to be identified.

She still can’t speak because her jaw is wired shut but she was able to type, writing, “When you go to a show where there will be moshing and you wear steel toe boots, your intentions are to hurt someone. when you swing kick your feet in your steel boots you’re trying to hurt someone.”

“When you hit someone in the face then you see her unconscious and you run off to not get caught. You’re something else, I really don’t have the words for what you are.”

The band have offered their support to Hoffman with Uproxx reporting that they have contacted her. They also addressed the situation on-stage saying, “Knocking out little girls doesn’t make you tough.”

There is currently a Gofundme to help raise funds to pay Hoffman’s medical fees which has been shared by the band on social media. In 11 hours, she’s raised $10,000 with a further $20,000 to go to reach her goal.

Read the full Facebook post below and also watch the band addressing it on stage.

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