Corey Taylor Getting Choked Up Talking About His “Inspiration” Chris Cornell Is Fkn Heartbreaking

Corey Taylor has shared some heartfelt words about his “inspiration” Chris Cornell after performing an incredible musical tribute to the legendary grunge rocker at Ohio’s Rock On The Range festival on Friday.

Taylor delivered a powerful cover of Temple Of The Dog’s classic ‘Hunger Strike’ at the event (which Soundgarden had been supposed to headline) in honour of Cornell, who passed away last week under tragic circumstances.

“[Chris] was truly an inspiration for me as a songwriter, as a singer, as a performer, because he wrote what he wanted,” the Stone Sour frontman told Sirius FM in a backstage interview [via Blabbermouth].

“He didn’t care about anything. He didn’t let genres get in his way, he didn’t let styles get in his way, and he was like that from the very beginning, whether it was stuff like Badmotorfinger or the solo stuff that he put on the Singles soundtrack, like ‘Seasons’. It was amazing! He could go back and forth and all over the place musically, and that inspired me so much. And my one regret is that I never got to tell him… And uh [pauses getting choked up] We love you, Chris.”

Stone Sour also performed a blazing rendition of Soundgarden’s ‘Outshined’ at the festival, which CT says was important to him.

“Chris’s impact can never really be encapsulated enough,” he continued. “So us playing ‘Outshined’ and playing it with heart, and playing it not because we wanted to but because we needed to, it came off really well.”

Catch his full interview, along with Corey & Stone Sour’s Chris Cornell tributes, below.

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