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Corey Taylor Reacts To Some Of Australia’s Heaviest Bands, Is Damn Impressed

Never short of opinions, Slipknot and Stone Sour frontman Corey Taylor has turned his ears towards some of Australia best heavy acts, reacting to songs by the likes of Parkway Drive, Karnivool and Thy Art Is Murder.

In a new interview with Lochlan Watt on triple j‘s ‘The Racket’, Taylor listened to eight songs from some of Australia’s heaviest bands, which were voted in by listeners.

Luckily, he approved of each and every one of them, saying, “There wasn’t one shitter in the joint, and I’m usually pretty harsh when it comes to music.”

Read a summary of Corey’s reactions to each of the eight songs below, and stream his full interview on ‘The Racket’ right here.

Taylor will return to Australia in August to tour the country with Stone Sour.

Corey Taylor Reacts To Some Of Australia’s Heaviest Bands

1) Parkway Drive — ‘Devil’s Calling’

“Musically that’s awesome, it’s really good. I was not expecting that vocal.

“This is Parkway Drive! I know the name! This is fuckin’ really good… I dig this.”

2) Karnivool — ‘Eidolon’

“That’s interesting. It’s got like a Sting meets Kings Of Leon vibe to it, which is not bad. That’s actually very refreshing.”

3) Dead Kelly — ‘The Legend Of Borry, Part 1’

“This is fucking brilliant. This makes me wanna throw elbows dude, I’m into it.

“Dissonant guitar solos, you gotta love it.

“Let me guess, it’s the people from fuckin’ Men At Work. Men At Work got back together, this made this hellish band.

“God they’re talented! [Sings Men At Work lyrics]”

4) Make Them Suffer — ‘Fireworks’

“That’s nice! It’s got like a Deafheaven vibe to it musically.

“That’s fuckin’ heavy dude… That dude’s pissed.”

5) Thy Art Is Murder — ‘Slaves Beyond Death’

“I’ve heard of these guys. This is pretty fuckin’ good. I can work out to this.

“That’s fuckin’ sludgey. That’s got some ass in it.”

6) Twelve Foot Ninja — ‘Invincible’

“It’s like Flight Of The Conchords started a metal bad. Not in a bad way; I love Flight Of The Conchords.

“That’s pretty dope. [Mike] Patton’s all over this thing.”

7) King Parrot — ‘Like A Rat’

“It’s like if Overkill became a punk band. It’s got that [Phil] Anselmo kinda vibe to it. Interesting.

“That’s fuckin’ heavy, the guitar sounds killer.”

8) Psycroptic — ‘Echoes To Come’

“Fuck! That’s the sound of a motherfucker who has gone hungry. Jesus.

“It’s got a Devin Townsend kinda vibe to it.

“The guitar tone reminds me of the first CKY album, and ‘Inhuman Creation Station’, that’s the tone!

“This fuckin’ band is badass. That kid can spit dude, holy shit. That’s so tasty.”

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