Court Hears Michael Jackson’s Ghost Told Lionel Richie’s Ex-Wife He Accidentally Killed Himself

Michael Jackson‘s ghost told Lionel Richie‘s ex-wife Brenda that he accidentally killed himself, heard a court in Los Angeles yesterday, in the ongoing wrongful death suit that The King of Pop’s family brought against promotions giant AEG Live. Only in America, huh?

The New York Post reports the bizarre claim was made by Randy Phillips, CEO of AEG Live, who said his friend Brenda Richie (ex-wife of the Hello singer and mother of Nicole) contacted MJ’s spirit through a medium in 2009, with the ghost telling her that he “accidentally killed himself” and absolving Dr Conrad Murray of any wrongdoing:

“Brenda called me to tell me that she was in communications with Michael either through a medium or directly. She said Michael told her that it wasn’t Dr. Murray’s fault, that he had accidentally killed himself.”

The Jackson family lawyers objected to this bit of evidence, calling it triple hearsay, but LA County Superior Court Judge Yvette Palazuelos allowed it anyway, causing a case of the giggles amongst spectators in the courtroom.

Michael Jackson’s family are suing AEG, saying that they were neglectful when hiring Dr Murray to care for Jackson, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in 2011 for giving the superstar the overdose of sedative Propofol that lead to his death. They are seeking £26 billion (approximately $43 billion AUD) in damages. The case is expected to last 3 months.

(via NME)

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