Courtney Love Fronts Faith No More In Newly Uncovered ’80s Recording

We all knew that Courtney Love was one of the original singers of Faith No More back in the early ’80s, but no-one’s ever heard any documented proof of this…until now, that is, with what’s reported to be audio of the queen of grunge supplying vocals for the outfit surfacing on YouTube.

There’s some questions as to whether or not the audio, taken from a gig in San Francisco, is the real deal. The track is said to be from 1984 but Love was kicked out of the band and replaced with Chuck Mosley in 1983. Love has also apparently requested that no recorded music of her fronting Faith No More was to be released.

However, founding member and bassist Billy Gould told MXDWN the track is probably genuine, saying, “Sounds authentic to me.”

For those of you hankering to get a chance to see the Mike Patton version of Faith No More in the flesh, don’t hold your breath – Patton himself explained that the band’s reunion plans “sort of petered out”. Love, on the other hand, is gearing up to release a new solo album this Christmas, tentatively titled Died Blonde, as well as a new memoir.

(via MXDWN)

Listen: Faith No More featuring Courtney Love

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