Courtney Love Vows To ‘Never’ Let Kurt Cobain Broadway Show Happen

Courtney Love has emphatically scotched any rumours of a Kurt Cobain musical being created for Broadway (or any other musical theatre haunt, for that matter)

Love has told UK paper The Observer that a Kurt musicial – rumoured to be the mastermind of her sometime co-manager Sam Lufti – definitely won’t be happening.

“There will be no musical,” she said. “Sometimes it’s best just to leave things alone.”

According to The Guardian, Love said that while she’s had discussions with The Kid Stays In the Picture director Brett Morgan over a film looking at her life since Cobain, she is “opposed to commercial exploitation of his legacy.”

“I said yes once – to Baz Luhrmann – to use eight seconds of Smells Like Teen Spirit in Moulin Rouge. But he wasn’t allowed to use it in the marketing. I didn’t get the part in the film. I was so pissed off I made up the term to ‘Baz’ somebody.”

Rumours that Lufti was working on a Cobain-themed musical for Broadway surfaced last week when he was testifying in a court case revolving around unpaid management fees for a past client.

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