Craig David’s ‘Still Born To Do It’ Tour Lives Up To Its Name As Promoter Goes MIA

The previously announced Craig David Australian tour Still Born To Do It has been scrapped after the promoter vanished. David seems just as confused as anyone about the cancellation which has prompted him and his people to look into rescheduling “when this mess is tidied up.” Stillborn indeed.

The tour was initially promoted by Sydney-based company Able Touring who are clearly as poorly named as the tour itself. Able Touring were the team behind the failed DMX concert, which was meant to happen back in 2012 but never did. DMX was pretty pissed about it all and the below tweets are proof of that.

There has been a single movement from the company on social media since 2012, which is pretty damn suspect. The tour dates were planned to kick off in the Gold Coast next week but the Facebook page says nothing about it. If you’ve bought tickets, you can get a refund from your point of purchase.

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