Give Green Day’s Rebellious New Slice Of Pop Punk ‘Revolution Radio’ A Crank

Green Day have pulled the pin on another explosive new song off their forthcoming album and chucked it in our general direction.

It’s called Revolution Radio and it’s a rebellious, upbeat pop punk anthem, driven by catchy riffs and a sing-song chorus.

If you dug their American Idiot stuff then you’ll probably also dig this, which sees the punk veterans once again raising two middle fingers squarely in the direction of The Man.

Frontman Billie Joe Armstrong sings in the chorus: “We will be seen but not be heard / (we are) Revolution Radio / Operation No Control / And the headline: My love’s bulletproof” and, as he tells Rolling Stone, the “seen but not be heard” lyric captures an ongoing theme on the band’s 12th album.

“I think my role is to shut up and listen,” he says. “A lot of white people should shut up and listen. They really don’t know what the African-American experience truly is. When you have people getting shot in their cars for no reason and being put in fucking jail cells and it’s for profit, we have a serious problem, and the first thing you need to do is get educated. Don’t try to do this, like, ‘Blue lives matter.’ Don’t try to do the ‘All lives matter.’ Just shut up and listen to the experience. And then move forward after that.”

Green Day’s new LP is certainly shaping up to be a political one, with the band revealing that another song on the disc was inspired by the Paris Terror Attacks.

Revolution Radio is due to be released on Friday, 7th October, and it looks like GD will also be announcing tour dates pretty soon after that.

Check out the video for the disc’s title track below.

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