Crowd Turns On Pest Hassling Busker About Noise

An angry Manly resident was turned on by the audience watching Sydney musician Declan Kelly perform at the Manly Markets today. The resident confronted Kelly, complaining about the noise as he began performing. Kelly had been booked by organisers to perform at the markets. The audience quickly became frustrated with the man and at one stage there was a minor altercation with one of the audience members. After some heated discussion, Kelly started performing again and the crowd cheered as the man finally gave up and walked away.

The video below was posted by one of the audience members earlier today, Kelly re-shared the video, commenting:

“Yep this just happened at manly market , lil ol me playing tunes,then aggressively told mid song to turn the Fff down. I gave him my calm response to step away though he would not… One of those stubborn boring complaining types you know the 1% making it difficult on culture and progressiveness.

Was gratifying having the crowd turn on him and tell him were its at … 2016.”

Watch the incident below

UPDATE 18/04/15 4.31pm: Declan Kelly has spoken to Music Feeds about the incident after footage went viral.

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