Crystal Fighters Drummer Andrea Marongiu Dies

Following unconfirmed reports, UK alternative group Crystal Fighters have taken to social media to confirm that Andrea Marongiu, the band’s drummer since 2010, has died. The cause of death is undisclosed, though the news comes shortly after Marongiu tweeted that he was “at home recovering”.

“It is with deep regret and great sadness that we announce the tragic passing of our drummer and friend, Andrea Marongiu,” reads a statement from the band. In the statement, Marongiu’s bandmates describe him as “one of the most brilliant, skilful and charismatic drummers to have ever graced the stage”.

“Our condolences go out to anyone who was lucky enough to have known him, and most particularly to his family,” they continue. “We are all completely heartbroken by this news and we can’t hold back the tears as we write this message to you. Andrea, thank you for all the incredible joy and life you brought to this band and to our lives… We love you and we miss you more than words can say right now.”

In his final tweet, Marongiu, who began as the band’s touring drummer before appearing on their 2013 album, Cave Rave, wrote that he was “recovering” while watching television and commented that he was “defo getting older”. However, there was no indication of what the drummer was recovering from.

According to a bio on Marongiu’s website, the Sardinian native was a self-taught drummer who first picked up the sticks at age 11. After moving to England in 2010 “with very little English”, Marongiu auditioned for Crystal Fighters after the band viewed videos of his skills online. He became a permanent member of the group after one performance. According to Gigwise, Marongiu was recently married.

Photos: Crystal Fighters – The Hi-Fi, Sydney 09/01/14

Photos by Ashley Mar

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