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Cypress Hill Will Finally Play With The London Symphony Orchestra, As The Simpsons Predicted

“Oh, this is just great. First Homer Simpson wrecks my pig, then Cypress Hill steals my orchestra, and now Sonic Youth’s in my cooler. Get out of there!” – Peter Frampton, 1996.

Back when The Simpsons still had a four-fingered grasp on the cultural zeitgeist and were churning out brick after brick of comedy gold on a weekly basis, there was one particularly iconic episode called Homerpalooza that spawned a hundred timeless quotes:

“Somebody ordered the London Symphony Orchestra… Possibly while high?”

In that ep, the great Cypress Hill ended up delivering an impromptu collab on their hit ‘Insane In The Membrane’ accompanied by the London Symphony Orchestra (who’d rocked up at the behest of Peter Frampton, but the rap troupe didn’t know that and figured they must have booked them while they were high). Anyway, Marge was a big fan.

And so, it seems, were Cypress Hill themselves. Because thirty years on, they’ve decided to make it happen in real life. And though they mostly know classical, the LSO are keen to give it a shot.

Now, the 71-piece orchestra will join the LA rap collective live onstage for the very first time at London’s Royal Albert Hall on July 10th. The show will feature Cypress Hill performing some of their biggest hits like ‘Insane in the Brain’ and ‘I Wanna Get High’ over orchestral arrangements conducted by the LSO’s Troy Miller.

This news is just the latest example of The Simpsons seemingly predicting literally everything that happens in the real world.

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