Daft Punk Wee Waa Album Launch Tickets Sell Out, Land On eBay

In something ridiculous, like 26 minutes, all 2,000 tickets to Daft Punk’s global album launch in Wee Waa were totally snapped up. Not all hope is lost, however, as the tickets have followed their natural course and ended up on eBay – just prepare to take out a second mortgage if you want one.

The tickets were sold from Narrabri’s Crossing Theatre website and hit the market at 9am this morning. Come 9:30am, allocation had been completely exhausted. According to Faster Louder, 4,000 tickets were meant to be on sale this morning, but the Theatre announced that a “glitch” had caused 2,000 be sold early. Those tickets sold for $60 whilst the ones this morning went for $35.

If you head over to eBay, you’ll notice that tickets aren’t going for much cheaper than $200. You can bulk buy a set of 10 for just under $8,000, making it just under $800 a pop, which seems fairly legit. Check out the screen shot, thanks to our bros at Stoney Roads.

No doubt there will be some people out there willing to fork out crazy amounts of cash to drive 8 long and boring hours to Woop Woop Wee Waa in order to sit around awkwardly with a bunch of other randoms and the off record label exec to vibe out as the new album is played on big speakers.

It’s been made fairly obvious that Daft Punk won’t be there, but will be at the London event later in the week.

UPDATE: Crossing Theatre manager Trent Bruinsma has told us that, contrary to earlier reports, all 4,000 tickets to the event did in fact go on sale this morning and sold out in 13 minutes.


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