Dave Grohl Asked PJ Harvey To Replace Kurt Cobain On Nirvana Song

Dave Grohl has recently revealed that he approached PJ Harvey to replace Kurt Cobain on stage for a Nirvana song during the recent Sound City Players gig in London.

In an interview with the famed UK weekly music magazine NME, Grohl said that he tried to get Harvey to do a cover of Milk It from Nirvana’s last studio album, In Utero, apparently due to Kurt being a huge fan of Harvey’s work. The revelation came when Grohl was posed the question of whether he would ever cover a Nirvana song live:

“Every once in a while we talk about it… For the Sound City gig here in London, we were thinking about musicians that we could invite, because Stevie Nicks and John Fogerty couldn’t make it. Someone came up with the idea of doing a Nirvana song with PJ Harvey.

“Kurt loved her and we love her and we thought, ‘Yeah, what would we do?’ I said, ‘God, what if we were to do Milk It from In Utero with Polly singing?’ We all looked at each other like, ‘Whoa, that would be amazing!’ Snd then she couldn’t do it!”

Grohl explained that he doesn’t usually cover Nirvana songs live due to the band’s back catalogue being “sacred ground”.

“The thing is, it’s sacred ground. If we were ever to do something like that it would have to be right because you want to pay tribute. There’s a reason Foo Fighters don’t do Nirvana songs, and it’s a good reason.”

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