Dave Grohl Nearly Broke His Leg On-Stage Again

Dave Grohl has nearly broken his leg again, falling on-stage during a Foo Fighters gig in Florida.

Grohl spent much of 2015 performing while seated on a throne after breaking his leg on-stage in Sweden and he almost suffered the same fate again.

He was running around the stage with his guitar slung around him when he tripped over a speaker, breaking the fall with his hands.

“I almost broke my fucking leg over there,” he said before putting a positive twist on it.

“Here’s the way I look at it, when you get that close to breaking your fucking leg, that means it’s a great show.”

We’d probably just prefer you don’t break you leg again Dave but you do you.

Foo Fighters are currently playing shows in the US off the back of their 2017 album Concrete & Gold. They look like they’re having a riot of a time too. In one city they covered ‘You’re The One That I Want’, bringing out John Travolta, and in another a couple tied the knot during ‘Everlong’.

Check out the fall below.

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