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Dave Grohl Reveals The Story Behind His Teenage Letter To Fugazi Hero Ian MacKaye

Last week, punk legend Ian MacKaye, of Minor Threat and Fugazi fame, dug up an old fan letter written to him by noneother than a 14-year-old David Eric Grohl. The bright-eyed and bushy-tailed would-be Foo Fighters frontman wrote the note in the hopes that MacKaye would be able to put him in touch with some industry types who could help give his band at the time a leg-up.

Now, Dave Grohl has revealed more about the backstory behind the teenage fan letter. Speaking with NME, he describes his reaction to seeing the note for the first time in decades.

“My handwriting is still the same,” he laughs. “And it’s my old phone number from when I was a kid. And I said ‘call between 3 and 10′ because I was in fuckin’ 7th grade or whatever it was, and I didn’t wanna wake up my mom.”

Grohl also explains that MacKaye found the letter while cleaning out his attic. “It was this little letter that I sent him. I don’t know what the rest of the letter was. I think I was maybe 14 and I wrote Dischord Records a letter because I wanted someone to release my band’s demo tape, we were called Mission Impossible.”

Dischord Records, which was set up by Ian Mackaye in 1980, has been home to some of America’s most iconic punk and hardcore acts, including Minor Threat and Fugazi. Speaking about his love for the label, Grohl reveals it’s been his dream to be included on the Dischord roster.

“If the Foos could do a Dischord single, then we could break up.” He concludes. “Done deal.”

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