Day 3 Of Triple J’s Requestival Was Another Level Of Cursed

Monday we got John Cena. Tuesday we got Beethoven. There would be plenty of reasons to think that Requestival couldn’t get any more chaotic than it already was, and then Day 3 came along. It was pure, meme-able, deep fried chaos.

This morning, Sally & Erica gave us an ~eclectic~ mix of Sum 41, N.W.A. and The Scissor Sisters. But, they also kept the musical vibes from last night’s play of ‘Defying Gravity’ going by spinning ‘All That Jazz’, performed by Bebe Neuwirth as Velma Kelly in Chicago. Unbelievable.

Lucy Smith came in with a bang by playing Dana Young’s ‘Cows With Guns’, and made sure things only got weirder. Between 9am and midday, we heard ‘California Love’, ‘Rock DJ’ and ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)’

And, yes, we heard Nickelback.

Dave Woodhead took over, and sent us to the 70s with Bill Withers’ ‘Lovely Day’ and then to the early 00’s with Beyoncé’s ‘Crazy In Love’. He took us to work with Flight Of The Conchords’ ‘Business Time’ and he took us to ~work~ with Duran Duran’s ‘Girls On Film’.

Oh, he also dropped this absolutely banger out of nowhere

Hobba & Hing kicked us off on a high note by opening with MIKA’s ‘Love Today’ and got us roasting everyone with Nicki Minaj’s ‘Barbie Dreams’. They also delivered some great sing-a-long moments in the form of Natalie Imbruglia’s rendition of ‘Torn’ and Neil Diamond’s classic ‘Sweet Caroline’.

But, the duo also delivered perhaps the most cooked trio of songs that ever been played in a single time slot on radio.

Axel F’s ‘Crazy Frog’, Smash Mouth’s ‘All Star’ and the Antiques Roadshow theme song.


Consider us deceased.

Finally, Bridget Hustwaite swooped in from that madness to give us nostalgic grooves for days.

She spun Stardust’s ‘Music Sounds Better With You’, Youth Group’s ‘Forever Young’ and Crazy Town’s ‘Butterfly’. It’s like you were thrown back into a nightclub – remember those? – 15 years ago and we can smell the VCR’s from here.

But it was her playing Las Ketchup’s iconic one hit wonder to end all one hit wonders, Las Ketchup’s ‘The Ketchup Song (Asereje)’.

We mean it sincerely when we say we’re truly not ready for what tomorrow will bring.

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