Death At Glastonbury Festival 2011

A friend of UK Prime Minister David Cameron has died in a portable toilet at Glastonbury Festival. Sources believe Christopher Shale, who was the chairman of West Oxford Shire Conservative Association, died of a heart attack, although there is speculation he committed suicide, Police will conduct further tests to establish the cause of death. His body was found in a portable toilet in the backstage area, where most celebrities and performers stay.

In a statement, the British PM said: Sam and I were devastated to hear the news about Christopher. He was a great friend and has been a huge support over the last decade in West Oxfordshire. A big rock in my life has suddenly been rolled away.

Christopher was one of the most truly generous people I’ve ever met — he was always giving to others, his time, his help, his enthusiasm and above all his love of life.

It was in that spirit that he made a massive contribution to the Conservative Party both locally and nationally. Our love and prayers are with Nikki and the family. They’ve lost an amazing dad, West Oxfordshire has lost a big and wonderful man and like so many others Sam and I have lost a close and valued friend.

The mysterious death came after Shale’s quotes were leaked to the Sunday newspaper saying there was no reason to join his party and Over the years we have come across as graceless, voracious, crass, always on the take. They think we’ll beg and steal from them. And they’re right.

British rapper Professor Green was the first star to tweet about the death saying: So we wake up to find out someone’s apparently died and our whole area is cordoned off… Brilliant.

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