Death Grips Release New Album ‘Bottomless Pit’, Stream It All Here

Everyone’s favourite post-hardcore rap band (maybe the only one actually) Death Grips are back at their unexpected best, dropping their latest album Bottomless Pit, following on from their riveting release earlier this year Interview 2016.

If you missed that, it was literally just a recording of the band being interviewed by actor/TV host Matthew Hoffman dubbed over with instrumental music, and was actually released as standalone material.

Suffice to say that when it came to recording Bottomless Pit the band weren’t exactly struggling with the classic dilemma of having to live up to the previous release.

The follow up to their purportedly final album Jenny Death from 2015 (if you ignore Interview 2016, which I do), the band teased the release with single Hot Head as well as a pair of snippets from the album earlier this year.

You can listen to the album here with a full tracklist below.

01 Giving Bad People Good ideas
02 Hot Head
03 Spikes
04 Warping
05 Eh
06 Bubbles Buried in the Jungle
07 Trash
08 Houdini
09 BB Poison
10 Three Bedrooms in a Good Neighborhood
11 Ring a Bell
12 8080808
13 Bottomless Pit


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