Dee Snider Claims Clive Palmer Knew About Licensing Fees Regarding Re-Written Twisted Sister Song

UPDATE 30/04/21: Clive Palmer To Pay $1.5 Million In Damages After Losing Twisted Sister Lawsuit

Well, the weirdest music saga of 2019 so far continues and it only gets more juicy. Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider now claims that Clive Palmer and co. knew about the licensing fee for the song ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ and decided to re-record it anyway.

ICYMI, Clive Palmer’s Palmer United Party released an advertisement which featured a typically dodgy re-recording of the band’s seminal hit, and Twisted Sister were pretty bloody pissed about it.

Now, Snider has taken to Twitter to say that Palmer actually contacted the band’s publisher asking about the licensing fee, thereby having to know that it was something he needed to pay. Despite that, the fee was allegedly not paid but the song was re-recorded anyway.

Snider said that his legal team are working on getting this all sorted out, due to quiet front the Palmer United Party are putting up, and if not, they’ll be in the country in a couple of weeks to sort it out in person.

Granted, Snider was already going to be in the country for a solo tour, but his warning sounds pretty real nonetheless.

Watch one of the offending ads below.

UPDATE 08/01/19: Clive Palmer Calls For Twisted Sister Singer Dee Snider’s Australian Tour To Be Cancelled

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