Deftones Bassists Starts To Emerge From Coma

Chi Cheng, bassist of the American alternative metal band, The Deftones, has shown signs that he is emerging from his three and a half year coma. The indecent, which occurred on the 4th November 2008, was a great shock to the fans and band, who released the following statement just after the accident.

It deeply saddens me to inform you all that our brother Chi Cheng was involved in a terrible car accident last night. He is currently in a Northern California Hospital in serious, but stable condition. I am on my way up North right now to be by his side along with the rest of our band mates and family. Chi is one of the strongest people I know, and I’m praying that his strength will get him through this. Please say a prayer for him as well

The past three and a half years have seen Cheng in intensive recovery, requiring life-saving surgery, which including the removal of parts of the bassists brain to ensure he remained in a stable condition. The accident saw Cheng, travelling in a car with his sister, flip three times after colliding with another car going 60mph (96km/ph), which then saw Cheng, who was without a seatbelt, thrown around the car which caused his injuries. See below for video footage.

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