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Deftones Will “Most Definitely” Be Touring Australia With Their New Album, Are Open To Playing A Festival

Here’s some good news for Deftones fans still nursing a broken heart from the cancellation of Soundwave 2016 and the band’s resulting Aussie tour dates.

Keyboardist/DJ Frank Delgado has promised that they haven’t forgotten about us, and will “most definitely” be touring Australia during their current album cycle for their 8th studio LP, Gore.

“I don’t have specific dates, but yeah, I think there’s not an album cycle that would go by where we would not be touring Australia,” he told Music Feeds today.

And though he couldn’t give us any hints about when exactly their new Aussie tour announcement might be made, he said it would be “Hopefully sooner than later. But we’ll most definitely make our way there.”

As for the nature of their next visit Down Under – and whether they’ll be looking at booking some headlining dates or say, more festival appearances, Delgado said: “Oh yeah, I mean we’d love to do both – and all – you know, whatever presents itself.”

Well, we know that Legion Festival is in the market for some headliners, and though Delgado admits he’s never personally heard of the new heavy music fest which is set to have its first tilt in 2017, he reckons they’d be up for playing it as long as the timing was right.

“It’s just a matter of the routing of where we are in the states and how it pans out to make it fair,” he explained.

“I know we definitely should be [coming to Australia] within the album cycle, hopefully sooner than later.”

As for the cancellation of Soundwave, the turntable wizard admits that the news came as a bit of a shock to him.

“I guess so, yeah,” he said. “I mean, I just knew that we had it on the books and then it was gone (laughs) shit like that happens in this business so we just recoup and go to plan B.”

So while we wait to find out what exactly plan B might entail, you can circle April 8th into your calendar, which is when Deftones’ new record Gore is due to reach our eardrums.

And stay tuned for the rest of our chat with Delgado, in which he discusses weird tattoos, his experiences in Paris on the night of the Bataclan attacks, and whether or not Deftones would be up for a Justin Bieber collab (coming soon).

UPDATE 13/05/16: Deftones have announced a 2016 Australian tour.

Listen: Deftones – Prayers/Triangles

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