The Devil Wears Prada Frontman Announces Side Project God Alone

Things are getting very interesting to say the least with The Devil Wears Prada. After shedding original members like old skin, the band announced a brand new album Transit Blues, set to drop later in the year. Now, in another strange twist from the group, main ingredient and vocalist Mike Hranica has announced a side project called God Alone.

Hranica took to socials to make the announcement, encouraging bands to get in on the ground floor and start following the group, which appears to be a four-piece. Other than that, we know nothing about the project other than it’s apparently been 30 months in the making, an oddly specific amount of time. The group also say they’ll be a “bluesy post punk” outfit “from the bottom of Lake Michigan”.

Longtime fans of The Devil Wears Prada won’t be at all surprised by the religious connotations of the side project, and are sure to follow Hranica down this new road without hesitation.

So far there’s been nothing to suggest Hranica will be leaving Prada to follow this new project, especially considering they’ve only just started a new album cycle, but hey, we’d never expect to see them keep going sans Daniel Williams, right?

Catch Hranica’s God Alone announcement, below.

30 months in the making, my side project is now online // Please follow @godaloneband

A photo posted by Mike Hranica (@mkhrnc) on

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