Diary of a Madman – Metal News

This week’s metal news is brought to you by new recruit and metal maniac Heath Louey. Enjoy, or your children will be sacrificed to the Dark Lord.

Goth rocker Wednesday 13, former frontman of Murderdolls, is releasing a new album with new project Gunfire 76. Wednesday 13 says that Gunfire 76 will be his extension into the rock world with this project having more of a rock sound than his previous more punk releases. (Source: Blabbermouth.net).

Blabbermouth.net has also reported that, rumours aside, Heaven and Hell are not breaking up. Following a statement from frontman and heavy metal legend Ronnie James Dio, he reported that guitarist Tony Iommi (also legendary) needs to have hand surgery, so was forced to reschedule shows until next year. Dio will still be performing in the UK and Europe during Iommi’s recovery.

Norwegian black metal masters Immortal will be releasing their new album All Shall fall, through Nuclear Blast records on September 25th in Europe and October 6th for the US. This will be the bands first release since 2005s Sons of Northern Darkness, and if it’s half as good we can be prepared to be blown away. (Source: nuclearblastusa.com)

Members of the Melodic Death Metal holy trinity, Dark Tranquillity (the other two being At the Gates and In Flames), are set to release Where Death is Most Alive a DVD that chronicles the bands 20-year career. The DVD will also include old footage that the band had taken back in the early days which contains songs that were only performed live a handful of times. (Source: centurymedia.com)

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