N.W.A. in 1990

A DJ Was Fined For Playing ‘Fuck Tha Police’ While Police Were Raiding A Bar

Thanks to the rapturous response to last year’s Straight Outta Compton movie, people are once again spinning legendary hip-hop group N.W.A. but there’s a time and place and the time is probably not while police are raiding the club you’re playing.

Massachusetts’ DJ Boogy has been handed a $50 after playing Fuck Tha Police as police were clearing out Shenanigans Pub in a police raid. The police weren’t having any of Boogy’s shenanigans thought slapping him with the fine for inciting disorderly conduct.

As reported by XXL, local police officer Juanita Mejias wrote in an official police report, “I believed at that time the combination of alcohol, the excessive amount of people in the bar and the song that the DJ chose to play at that time was an intentional act by the DJ to incite the crowd [that] showed a reckless disregard for public safety.”

Boogy reckons that the song was already loaded up and ready to go when the police entered the bar.

“I had no intention of inciting a riot. It was just college kids having fun,” he told Masslive.

Very ballsy move, DJ Boogy. Very ballsy.

Also, the club was stuffed full with 350 crammed into the bar which only had a capacity of 160.

Watch: N.W.A. – Fuck Tha Police


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