Don’t Kill Live Music Sydney Rally Announces Speaker & Appearances Lineup

In case you weren’t aware, a massive rally organised by Don’t Kill Live Music has been announced in the wake of the Gladys Berejiklian state government’s harsh laws as relates to music festivals and live music in general. Now, the rally has announced its huge lineup full of speakers and appearances from within the music community.

As far as appearances go, some of the biggest artists in Australia will be showing out for the good cause. Hottest 100 toppers Ocean Alley and The Rubens will be attending, as well as the likes of Cloud Control, Dan Sultan, Olympia, Urthboy and Bertie Blackman.

Speakers at the rally include Yumi Stynes, Julian Hamilton of The Presets, Murray Cook of The Wiggles, Adelle Robinson of Fuzzy and the Australian Festival Association, Michael Chugg of Chugg Entertainment as well as City of Sydney Councillor Jess Scully and Wollongong Lord Mayor Gordon Bradbury.

Last week, the organisation released an open letter to “music and cultures lovers of Australia” explaining why they were putting on rally.

“The NSW State Government is vilifying live music with knee-jerk regulation. Instead of consulting with festival experts, the NSW Government imposed punitive regulation that specifically targets music festivals, and music fans. Festivals are being used as a scapegoat for years of failed drug and alcohol policy,” the letter reads.

“We want our music culture to be safe and inclusive. Onerous and ill-considered regulation will not save lives. And the State Government is decimating our music culture in the process.”

The petition that was started to demand change has over 111,000 signatures already.

The Don’t Kill Live Music Sydney rally will be held Thursday, 21st February in the northern end of Hyde Park, from 6pm to 8pm.

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