Download two new Atlas Sound albums for free

Having been on a bit of a work binge, Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox has released two albums of home recordings under his side project Atlas Sound in the last few days, called Databank Vol. 1 and 2

You can download volume one here and volume two here

Tracklisting and art below

Databank Vol 1:

1. Green Glass Bottles

2. These Were My Walls

3. Wild Love

4. Lanterns

5. New Romantic

6. Cynic’s Recourse

7. Freak Train (Kurt Vile cover)

8. Afternoon Drive

9. Hotel Orlando

10. This Wheel’s On Fire (Bob Dylan cover)

11. Postcard

Databank Vol 2:

1. Pilot Light

2. Strange Parade

3. Stationary Blood

4. La Luna

5. Day Out

6. Heatwave

7. Change is Good

8. Mouth of the Desert

9. Autumn Intro Cascading into University Courtyard

10. Town Center

11. Helio Intro

12. Summer Edit

13. Willful

14. Wintergreen Sketch

15. Oceanview

16. Here Come the Trains

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