Dr Phil Offers His Professional Diagnosis Of Kanye West, Based On His Tweets

Appearing a guest of The Late Late Show with James Corden, Dr Phil was recently asked by the host to offer a diagnosis on Kanye West based off his erratic tweeting the past few weeks. Never one to shy away from a test of his skills, even in a situation as clinically questionable as this, Dr Phil stepped up to the plate to have a whack.

Kanye’s Twitter account has gone into overdrive this year, with Yeezy going online to declare his album to be the “the best album of all time”, then to retract that statement, take aim at Wiz Khalifa, to claim Bill Cosby is innocent, to reveal he was $53 million in personal debut and then to appeal to Mark Zuckerberg – founder of Facebook – for a cool billion dollar donation.

“You can’t be wrong that many times in a row unless you’re working at it,” said Dr. Phil, essentially suggesting Kanye has a bad case of I-want-more-publicity-itis. “He just gets up, says something [mimics typing] and so here we are talking about it, so it’s working.”

Corden’s other guest, Bow Wow (who has dropped the “lil'” fyi) stepped in to defend Kanye. “He’s just an artist who’s very, very passionate, like over-passionate, in what he does.”

Although Kanye’s real problem, Phil attests, is how used to over-sharing we’ve all become.

“You used to be able to be stupid and get away with it” he said. “Now, you say something stupid, it just goes wall-to-wall. They’re reading it in China in five seconds, so it just goes all over the place.”

While he was happy to dismiss Kanye’s behaviour as nothing more than attention seeking, when it comes to “people taking selfies of themselves brushing their teeth” – that’s narcissism.

Watch the video for yourself here below.

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