Dr. Phil Takes On Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society In A Cockfight

The gauntlet has been thrown and a line in the sand marked, popular TV psychologist Dr. Phil is taking on Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Zakk Wylde‘s heavy metal outfit Black Label Society and he’s doing it in the name of supportive parenting.

Dr. Phil McGraw took to Facebook to drum up support for his son, who’s been pitted against Black Label Society by a Michigan radio station. In what Banana 101.5 has titled “The Cockfight,” bands are matched up with rival outfits to vie for votes and decide whose song gets to stay on the air. In Banana 101.5’s own words, “You vote, one song stays on the air while the other hits the trash bin.”

To save his son Jordan McGraw‘s alt-rock band, Stars In Stereo, from the trash bin, Dr. Phil appealed to his Facebook followers to curb the onslaught of the BLS army, saying:

“Hey All, please go vote to keep Jordan’s band Stars In Stereo on the air for Flint, MI’s Banana 101.5 Cockfight! It’s Stars In Stereo vs. Black Label Society this round.”

According to the station, Wylde’s band is killing in the polls, but that doesn’t mean Stars In Stereo can’t still be saved from relegation by a last-minute online voting blitzkrieg, orchestrated by a legion of suburban mothers armed with MacBooks and copies of How to Talk with Your Kids about Sex.

(Via Banana 101.5)

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