Drake’s Dad Is Releasing An R&B Album & Here’s Your First Look At His Lush New Video

Drake’s Dad, who was known as Dennis Graham before Drake got famous, is prepping the release of his debut album and we’ve got a taste of it.

TMZ have got their hands on his debut track and video Kinda Crazy and y’know what? It’s not bad.

The video is peak Drake’s Dad and features him in an all-white suit standing with a giant silver chair which looks even more flashy than Drake’s silver chair.

For chair comparison purposes:

Graham is wearing an OVO owl in the video which is the logo for Drizzy’s label October’s Very Own, showing that he’s part of the crew.

It’s unknown whether or not this album will actually be released via OVO but he’s worked on it with Jamie Iovine who is the son of Interscope Records head Jimmy Iovine.

This isn’t the first music video Drake’s Dad has been a total boss in. He was on his Worst Behavior in a Drake vid and most recently popped up in the video for a song literally called Drake’s Dad.

giphy (2)

The song is a proper soul track with Graham doing his best to be deliver a cross-section of Drake and Barry White.

“It’s kinda crazy, but I feel you underneath my skin,” he sings, clicking his fingers because that’s exactly what you do when you’re reallyyyyyyy feeling the music.

No word on when the album will be out but this is more than enough for now.

Watch: Dennis Graham – Kinda Crazy

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