Drawn From Bees Visit Sydney Before Releasing EP

You’ve heard from Drawn From Bees before, so you know the deal by now. Four art-rock aficionados, one very tall order – to write, record and release a fresh batch of music every six months.

Ahead of schedule, Drawn From Bees release The Sky Is Falling EP on September 25th, their third studio offering since the rigorous creative schedules were imposed.

To give Sydney-siders a sneak peak at the release, the lads have slotted a flying weekend jaunt in between last week’s showcase performance at Brisbane’s international Big Sound conference, and a festival slot at Sounds of Spring.

Be sure to catch the melodic rock musings of Drawn From Bees this weekend:

Saturday, September 19

Lansdowne, Sydney

Doors 8pm/Free entry

w/Golden Mean, Ya Aha, Errol JM & The Trade Secrets,The Woods Themselves

Sunday, September 20

Brass Monkey, Cronulla

Doors 7pm/$10

w/I Am Apollo

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