Drummer Brad Wilk Says Audioslave Could Reunite

Power threeway Brad Wilk, Tom Morello and Tim Commerford recently reunited in the form of brand new political rap-metal supergroup Prophets Of Rage.

And it seems like they’re having such a good time fucking shit up that it’s given them some ideas about reforming another one of their old projects.

In a new interview with Alternative Nation, Wilk has hinted at the possibility of an imminent Audioslave reunion.

Describing frontman Chris Cornell as “amazing musician and a good person”, the beatman indicated that there was a “good chance” of the band reuniting in the future.

“Absolutely, the possibility of us making music together with Chris is always there,” he said. “I don’t think anyone has any bad feelings towards each other in that band.”

It follows a statement from Cornell himself last year, who said that he “would always be open” to reuniting and making new music with Audioslave.


So at this point, it seems one of the only things that could derail the possibility of the noughties alt-rockers reuniting is if the instrumental trio’s other old project – a little band called, oh ya know, Rage Against The Machine – got back together.

Wilk said that’s also a possibility – at the very least incorporating a RATM reunion as part of the Prophets Of Rage juggernaut – if frontman Zach De La Rocha decided to re-enter the fold.

“Of course we would love Zack to be a part of this, but he was working on his own record, and doing his own thing…” he said. “The idea of playing together with him, the door is always open for that.”

But who says it has to be Audioslave or Rage?

why dont we have both? gif source buzzfeed

We’ll wait for you here, Like A Stone, for any updates.

Watch: Audioslave – Like A Stone

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