Drunk Fan Wrecks DJs Entire Set By Abseiling Off Stage With Power Leads

Intoxicated punters trying to get up on stage with their favourite artists is nothing new, but rarely does anyone bother when it’s just a DJ up on stage trying to get the crowd pumping.

So it was pretty weird when at Los Angeles event Keeping The Rave Alive one particularly drunk fan decided that he wasn’t just going to get up on stage but go ham on the DJ’s entire set up.

DJ Mark Breeze couldn’t possibly have foreseen how this was going to end, as the punter jumps up on stage and tries to meddle with Breeze’s mixing.

Then, upon being palmed away, he takes hold of the power chords and leads at the front of the stage and abseils down back into the crowd – brutally pulling the decks and CDJ out from in front of DJ Breeze as it crashes down onto the floor.

It’s one of those things that has to be seen to be believed, though as the footage shows the audience finishes off the song a capella in order to ‘keep the rave alive,’ so to speak.

Watch: Punter Brutally Trash’s DJs Equipment

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