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Watch This Dude Accuse His Ex Of Boning The Entire Wu-Tang Clan On ‘Divorce Court’

Divorce Court is an amazing US television show where people choose to air various grievances with their exes in front of a sassy judge and millions of viewers, as opposed to the sanctity of their own homes/lawyers’ office, because ‘Murica.

It’s a truly, wonderful, batshit insane concept that could only happen in the States and today we’re thankful for its existence, as it’s brought us this wonderful exchange between a couple of filthy ex-lovers, where this dude straight up accuses his ex of getting it on with the entire Wu-Tang Clan.

Ridiculous, obviously? Well, not entirely, apparently, as the accusee does admit to hanging out with the one of the world’s best known rap groups, but that she “kept her lady points together”. I don’t know though, that cheeky smile seems to tell otherwise.

Come on, as if you wouldn’t go to town with Wu-Tang if you had the option. I know I would.

Check out the shade-throwing in the video below, including my favourite moment, “She gave Wu some Tang.” #Legend.

Watch: Boyfriend Accuses His Woman of Sleeping with Wu-Tang Clan on DIVORCE COURT

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