DZ Deathrays Call Out “Disrespectful” Behaviour By Men Towards Moaning Lisa

DZ Deathrays are currently on tour with support from Canberra act Moaning Lisa, and it turns out some punters are being misogynistic and disrespectful to the latter. So, DZ Deathrays have done the right thing and called that behaviour out.

Taking to Instagram last night, the band released a statement saying how this behaviour is completely unacceptable.

“There has been a number of instances where men have been disrespectful to our support act, Moaning Lisa and this is absolutely not on,” the band wrote.

“We have asked them to join us on this tour because we thoroughly enjoy their music and want to showcase a great band to a new crowd. For them to feel unsafe is absolutely unacceptable.”

“If you’re caught being disrespectful to anyone at any of our shows you will be immediately removed.”

“If your mate is acting up, call them out,” the statement continues later. “If you see someone being disrespectful or making anyone feel unsafe please let security, staff or us know.”

There’s a few more dates left of DZ Deathrays’ massive nationwide tour, so check out all those details here. Read the band’s full statement below.


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Please read if you plan on coming to one of our shows.

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