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DZ Deathrays & Nerve Thrash Through N.E.R.D’s ‘Rock Star’ For Triple J Like A Version

DZ Deathrays have taken fellow Brisbane artist, Nerve along to the triple j studios for this week’s Like A Version. They took on N.E.R.D’s 2001 single, ‘Rock Star’.

And the vibes? Immaculate.

The cover sees that stunning DZ Deathrays signature shred shine through between Nerve’s absolutely fire bars.

It’s super grungey, super fkn good, and so punk, in every sense of the word.

Nerve’s lines are especially poignant.

Taking aim at the prime minister, government, and their lack of support for the arts, he raps, “These white collars took our industry and fucked up that. So I stay with it with my finger to them stuck up trash…”

“They’re letting 50k up in them footy stadiums. When I can’t sell these tickets to half the people that want to pay for them.”

“I think that Scotty needs a blindfold, he’s all filler, how you gonna father a nation? You ain’t no father figure.”

The cover is concluded with more cheek from Nerve. “Shout out Scotty From Marketing,” he says.

Of course, DZ Deathrays shared a performance of an original. They took recent single, ‘Make Yourself Mad’ into the studio and what a delight.

In their Behind the Like A Version interview, the band’s drummer, Simon says, “Pretty intimidating song to pick, but we thought we could put some real good energy into it.”

“The song itself is a rapper doing rock rap,” says Nerve. “And then it’s a rock band and a rapper who also produces, whose name is like two letters away from N.E.R.D.”

“So it all actually makes heaps of sense.”

Watch their ‘Rock Star’ cover, original performance, and their Behind the Like A Version interview below.

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