Editors Announce New Album, Release New Single & Video ‘A Ton Of Love’

British alternative rock outfit Editors will return in 2013 with their fourth studio album, The Weight of Your Love. The band’s first record in four years has a lot to live up to, with Editors’ last two albums, An End Has A Start (2007) and In This Light And On This Evening (2009), both going number one in the UK.

The Weight of Your Love is the first album from Editors to feature new members Justin Lockey and Elliott Williams. Last year one of the band’s founding members, guitarist Chris Urbanowicz left the band to pursue other musical endeavours.

When work began on the new album way back in 2011, bassist Russel Leetch revealed Editors put in a level of preparation not seen from the English outfit since 2005 debut The Back Room:

“Rehearsing the songs in a room and over a longer period of time isn’t something we’ve done since ‘The Back Room’ and in truth bands these days don’t often get the luxury of working on a record like they worked on their debut.”

Recorded primarily live at Blackbird Studio in Nashville, Editors’ frontman Tom Smith more recently described The Weight of Your Love as “having a foot in that alt rock / Americana world” that feels “untouchable at times”.

Having already released lead single A Ton Of Love, with the music video filmed and directed by UK artistic group Soup Collective, there’s a ton of excitement surrounding The Weight of Your Love. The record is released locally on Friday, 5th July.

Watch: Editors – A Ton Of Love

Editors – The Weight of Your Love tracklist

1. The Weight

2. Sugar

3. A Ton of Love

4. What Is This Thing Called Love

5. Honesty

6. Nothing

7. Formaldehyde

8. Hyena

9. Two Hearted Spider

10.The Phone Book

11.Bird of Prey

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