Edward Guglielmino Launches New Band With New Single

Edward Guglielmino [goo~lee~al~meeno]


1. Bad boy instigator/only member of Brisbane’s left-wing abstract rock scene

2. Loud-mouthed prat

It’s no revelation that Edward Guglielmino does not shy from saying and doing exactly as he pleases. Such antics tickle the fancy of some, draw the wrath of many, but in some twisted way, seems to entertain all.

However, it may come as a surprise that Brisbane’s foremost egotist has recently shed some of his raw and world-weary musician skin, to reveal a more polished exterior.

And, he’s even learned to share with others.

Following the impetus gained from debut album Late At Night, Ed G proudly introduces the first recorded offering from his brand new outfit Edward Gugliemino & The Show.

The single, due for release October 1, is called ‘Settle Down With Me’ and is a frolicking ode to the simple life presented with duelling vocals from Ed and long-time collaborator and resident keys player Nicoletta Panebianco. The song was recorded in one cut-throat session with veteran producer Magoo at his Applewood Studio and displays Ed’s newly-discovered penchant with playing with others.

The Show is a collective of Brisbane talent featuring Panebianco, producer Matt Redlich on guitar, Luke Foran on bass and Skinny Jean’s Samuel D. Schlencker on drums.

Though the international fan-base in such far flung locales as the Nordrhein-Westfalen state of Germany may feel a little jealous, Edward Guglielmino & The Show buck the grounding theme of ‘Settle Down With Me’ to parade their wares around Australia in October.

The track is currently exclusively available to taste makers via the link above, be sure to download it and make it available to your audiences before its official release in several weeks!

Saturday, October 10 | Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane QLD *

Saturday, October 17 | The Exeter, Adelaide SA **

w/ Simon Kelly

Sunday, October 18 | The Acousticum, Adelaide SA **

Wednesday, October 21 | Mid Week Martini – Alhambrah Lounge, Brisbane QLD *

w/ Brian Campeau

Thursday, October 22 | Bon Amici, Toowomba QLD *

w/ Brian Campeau

Friday, October 23 | Club 77, Sydney NSW *

Saturday, October 24 | Pure Pop Records, Melbourne VIC (3pm) **

Saturday, October 24 | The Workers Club, Newtown, Melbourne VIC **

Thursday, October 29 | The Basement – Gold Coast Arts Centre, Gold Coast QLD *

* Full Band

** Featuring members of The Show



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