Efterklang Prepare New Album In Soviet Ruins

Piramida, the fourth release from the band, will be available September 21, and comes just weeks after the band left Aussies totally awestruck with their sell-out performance at the Opera House for Vivid.

The band chose to do things a bit differently this time round, selecting a studio on the remote abandoned Russian settlement in Spitsbergen, an arctic island somewhere in between Russia, The North Pole and absolutely nowhere. Here, lies the ghost town of Piramida. The town was abandoned soon after the USSR fell and now lays in ruins, a place with polar bears – then humans. And they were there for 9 whole days.

The band filmed the whole adventure to allow fans to get a grasp of what really went on there. The video is up and you can check it out below. They managed to record more than 1000 different sounds from their environment to sample. Seriously, check it out: it’s nuts. The band explores their location in depth to draw inspiration for their new material.

Music Feeds caught up with the band when they were in town, you can check out the video here.

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